We are proud that our label-label® key caps are currently being used by the following people, some of whom you may know (Disclaimer : the people named below have purchased label-label® key caps only. We do not claim that they are sponsoring or endorsing our product).

John Kerry’s office – Secretary of State, USA
Paul Kastick – Music Producer and professional drummer for Ky-Mani Marley, Maxi Priest, Tessanne Chin, Shaggy, Big Mountain, Diana King and Faraji
Daz Crawford – Actor (Blade II), The World is Not Enough
Naehmah Ghafur – Doctor
Reinette Carlson – School Teacher
Paul Jones – Banker
Nora Karseras – Landlord
Shawna Szilagi – Realtor
Earle Roberts – Office Security Guard
Rachel Smart – Dietitian
Laura Haupt – Nurse and Mom
Annette Sumi – Editor-in-Chief

Melissa | Missy Product Reviews
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“If you are like most people you have a ton of keys rather they are for a vehicle, camper, boat, ATV, house and more you can’t always keep track of which is which without some sort of label and I have found the perfect solution for you label-label key cap. These come in a package of eight which are in multiple colors these are super stretchy with write on labels that slide over you key and fits most keys. I was so glad I was able to try these as I have a variety of keys on my keychain with my car key and I am not sure what they all go to until I start trying them in locks.”

Donna | at Cadence

8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“The company I work for has a new office/commercial building which has a total of 13 keys. There is also a park with restrooms and a maintenance building which includes 8 more keys for a total of 21 keys so the label-label key caps have been a tremendous help in keeping them organized. What a great product, I will definitely recommend these to anyone I know.”

Amy, NY
8 Pack Key Caps

“We absolutely love our Key Caps! We just moved into a new home and had several doors and family members to label. Your product was exactly what I was looking for. The only minor suggestions that I have is to add some pre printed label texts, such as back door, .Front Door, Side Door, Mud Room,…etc.Thanks so much for making our lives easier!!”

RESPONSE: We are so happy to hear you are enjoying your label-label™ key caps. You will be pleased to know you can buy our “sheet of printer labels” to print as many labels as you want.

Nana C | Amazon User
Blank Printer Labels
great idea: smart, fast, easy

“Buy these to print up labels for the Label Label key caps. I work in a realtor office and they’ve made my job (well, and life!) so much easier!! Printing the labels and tagging up all the keys is fast, easy and straightforward. I so wish they had been for sale 5 yrs ago when i started!”

Mark Peters | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps
Finally an effective way of organizing my keys.

“I can’t believe nobody thought of something like this before. I’ve got a bunch of keys for my house, garage, mailbox, parent’s house, the office, etc and I hate having to find the right key every time. I never wanted to actually label them with the key tags that dangle off every key: just too much stuff to have in my pocket. I’ve tried using a Sharpie to label my keys, but after a week that rubs off. The other colorful ones out there are all rigid and I’ve actually broken a couple trying to get them on my house key. These are pretty much a one size fits all which makes life reeeeaaaallll easy. Definitely worth a couple dollars more.”

Nana C | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps
Best keycaps I’ve used so far

“What an invention!! Tried various keycaps in the past but was always let down. Bought MONKEYS but they ripped – too flimsy and the face of the monkey rubbed off (cheap Chinese stuff, stay away, seriously). Also bought HY-KO (the circle ones) -size L- but they didn’t fit AND they broke when I tried to get them on my keys!

These are absolutely F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!! Really superior quality, super easy to get on and off and they don’t break! I think it makes a huge difference they’re USA made, they’re worth every extra penny!! Seriously people, just pay couple of bucks more and buy USA made stuff. You get what you pay for.

Oh and did I mention how fabulous they look?? I’ve already ordered an extra pack for my mom!!”

Amy | Amazon User
4 Pack BOLD Key Caps
Wonderful Product!!!

 “These labels for our keys are just what our busy family needed. We have four doors to our home, and we were always unlocking the door by trial and error. This solved all of our problems. The colored key caps and the labels helped to make our lives so much easier. The key caps stay on with no difficulty and are durable. I get many compliments at the store when I hand them to the grocery clerk for my shopper’s card. Thanks again!!!!”

Leila | Amazon User
Blank Printer Labels
Fabulous Idea!!!

“Contrary to handwritten labels, your printed labels look so organized and are easy to read. Many thanks also for providing the template for easy reprinting the blank labels with private printer.”

Zee | Amazon User
4 Pack PASTEL Key Caps
Amazing product

“I am a bank manager and have 17 keys, before I had bits of paper taped to keys, but with these new stretchy and flexible key caps that fit all my different sized keys. No other key caps are flexible like this. I’m really happy with this product.”

Mark P | Amazon User
Blank Printer Labels
Perfect for messy handwriting

“I have to admit I was a little nervous when I got the label label key cap 8 pack because my handwriting tends to be a little bit messy (don’t judge me), but then I saw these and breathed a sigh of relief. I put this sheet right in the printer and printed up labels for my keys that the 8 pack didn’t have pre-printed and now my key ring looks very professional! Even if I had perfect handwriting I’d still recommend these because my keys look perfect.”

Lady P
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“These are AWESOME! Thank you for having just what I needed for my many properties!”

8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“I will buy from you again for sure and recommend to others; thank you.”

8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“Smart caps, lovely colors. Good to have keys named as well as colour coded.”

Michael B | Amazon User
4 Pack PASTEL Key Caps

“This is really a cool item and helped me organize my keys.”

Manny W | Amazon User
Blank Printer Labels

“Great product. Packaged very nicely, with care and attention. You can tell that the seller cares about the product and customers they serve. Thank you.”

Sabrina B | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“great seller! Added personal touch on receipt! Would buy from them anytime!!!”

Pedro C | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“I manage apartments for living so I normally deal with a lot of keys. For the first time I was able to fit all my keys into the same key cap, which it had been impossible before becouse I have many different sizes. Also thanks to the labels I know where each key belongs now. So over all, I think this is a very nice product if you want to get rid of the times when you use to spend a couple minutes in front of your door trying to figure which key is the right one.”

Laura M | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“This product is one of my favorite, I love the colors, shape, and different label. My friends are buying them now. Great for organization, plus helps you identify each key.”

Jimmy P | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“Excellent product, item as described. Prompt and fast delivery.”

Sandy P | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“Great price, good quality item, fast service with a personal note. Product made in USA!!”

Jea G | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps  
Blank Printer Labels

“Professionally packaged with personalized note in case you wanted to follow up with customer service. Well done.”

Laura M | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps

“This product is one of my favorite, I love the colors, shape, and different label. My friends are buying them now. Great for organization, plus helps you identify each key.”

Kenneth P | Amazon User
8 Pack MULTICOLOR Key Caps  

“Wow, these key caps are great and come in really handy! I’m a teacher and so I have 14 keys and I can now easily tell the difference between them all! They’re so stretchy that they even fit over my biggest garage key! My wife who works as a Realtor bought hers direct from the label label key cap website and got a discount and FREE shipping! You know who the boss is! Fast shipping. A+++”

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