There is a little story behind how these key caps were made.

My name is Sarah and I was a property manager in England
for many years. I had so many keys – the property keys, then
my house keys, mum’s keys, garage keys, gate key, locker keys.

I could NEVER remember which key was which. So I bought key
tags and colored key caps. But the key tags kept falling off, the
ink wore away, I forgot which color cap was for which door and
they never fit over my larger keys. I was about to pull my hair out!

I knew there must be a solution to this annoying problem so I
invented my label-label® key caps. I gladly threw out all the
other messy, bulky key tags and used my label-label®
key caps.

I simply stuck a label directly onto each side of my keys.
Wrote on it. Then slid on my slim-line, colorful key cap with a ‘window’
so I could immediately see which door it was for. Because the

label-label® key caps are super stretchy they fit all my keys so…

…since then, I have never said, “Which door is that for?” again.

Then one day my friend, who is a teacher and had 11 keys just
for school, saw my new label-label® key caps and said, “I want
the label-label® key caps NOW!”

My other friend who is a bank manager had 17 keys and said,
“When can I buy some label-label® key caps?”

The rest is history.


Since the invention of label-label® key caps in 2011, we are now
based in Los Angeles and are now selling internationally.


Who isn’t tired of absolutely awful customer service where no-one
calls you back, the representatives are rude or bored and are not
properly informed.

Here at label-label® key caps, you will find only friendly, helpful,
and courteous staff. YOU are our customers and the reason we
are here. We want you to be happy and will try our honest
best to make it happen.

Need more information?
Please contact us at +1(310) 400-6007
We pride ourselves on giving “good old fashioned” customer service.

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